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Rules & Scoring

Postby Disco Dan » Tue Jul 22, 2008 12:22 am

Get the Leeds score right 1 point
Get the opponents score right 1 point
Get the both right and that's 1 extra bonus point.
There's a consolation point for predicting the right h/a/d.

Bonus point for each Leeds scorer....(you're only allowed to name the same number of scorers to equal the number of Leeds goals you predict)

Bonus points for naming opposing teams scoring players......You can stow that fucking heretical thought straight away.

And a big bonus of 5 points if you predict the right scoreline and the right scorers for us. (0-0 doesn't count)

EG. So if you would have predicted the right result for the match of Leeds 1 Arsenal 4 this would have given you a maximum of

1 for our score
1 for their score
1 bonus for the correct scoreline
1 for predicting away win.
1 for smith
5 for the "grand slam" of getting the lot right.
Total 10 points.

Cup matches involving penalties are the same as above but you can nominate the winner of any penalty shoot out that takes place.......3 points.

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