8 days...

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8 days...

Postby ddwhite » Fri Aug 01, 2008 2:23 pm

anyone else getting the pre-season jitters?

its yet again the biggest season we've faced recently and there's a whole heap of [different] pressure on the lads this time around

no -15 points of course but outright favourites and with 20k+ a week baying for success it could be a very very different start to the season. with the squad we have, which should fare well in the championship given some strong leadership and tactical nouse [which i believe GMac has in abundance], then even if its a slow start then we will be challenging at the top of division 3 thats for sure.

GMac has said many times about having players with the right kind temperament to handle the 'Leeds Pressure' so lets hope the new lads are up for it and those already there can learn from the previous seasons.
there seems to be a farly settled core of players and a few decent signings so we really have nothing to fear, except of course failure itself which for me is the reason we've bottled the last 3 finals

i cant fkn wait to see the lads in the new strip on a sunny end-of-summer afternoon at ER

Come On Leeds.. this has to be our season once again :)
Here we go..

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