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21 today

Postby the flying pig » Sun May 04, 2008 10:26 am

yesterday i realised that today marks the 21st anniversary of my first ever leeds game. leeds at home vs WBA, 4th May 1987. an 11th birthday treat, i suppose.

the circumstances of it were in many ways similar to those of the game yesterday really, last home game of the season, promotion playoffs looming, a win, an atypically large crowd by the standards of the season...

i was a terrible, terrible anorak at the time [if you can believe such a thing], poring endlessly over the minutiae of the programme & so on, meaning that i remember pretty every minute detail of it, but very briefly:

(a) strange somehow to get my first sighting of both shez [who instantly & permanently became my all-time hero] and carlton palmer [who, er, didn't] in the same match.
(b) the spontenaiety & chaos of the small impromptu post-match pitch invasion [i desperately wanted to take part but this was only possible if you were capable of quickly scaling seven-feet metal crowd control fences, which at 4'10" i wasn't], which culminated in shez being chaired round the pitch, just staggered me.


(c) the game itslelf was wank but i can't say that this mattered all that much.
(d) we did make it to the playoff final that year, with the game ending in, well, words can't do it justice...

http://www.ozwhitelufc.net.au/04-05-198 ... Albion.htm

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