How uniquely vile the Scouse vermin are...

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How uniquely vile the Scouse vermin are...

Postby The High Priest » Tue Apr 01, 2008 10:35 am

I suppose one shouldn't really be shocked given that approximately 75% of that filthy city's population are bona fide members of the underclass, but still... aren't they just vile?


LIVERPOOL chiefs last night vowed to crack down on thug fans who allegedly attacked Everton ace Phil Neville in a spite-filled Mersey derby.

Police are probing claims by Everton bosses that the 31-year-old defender was punched in the back as he took a throw-in.

Neville – brother of Man U player Gary – was also said to have been spat on and subjected to vicious verbal abuse.

And a Liverpool spokesman said last night: “If it is proven we will take appropriate action.”

But as a war of words erupted between the rival clubs, the Reds counterclaimed that their skipper Steven Gerrard was the target of even nastier insults from Everton supporters.

They chanted cruel jibes about the England ace’s one-year-old daughter Lexie.

And Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez said after Sunday’s game: “There are things you do not want to hear at a match and I was very disappointed. It shows a lack of respect.”

Gordon Brown last night joined the debate about appalling behaviour at football matches by backing The Sun’s Shut It! campaign.

The PM, whose full views are in the column on the right, condemned players who barrack referees, saying they are a terrible example to young fans who idolise them.

Police confirmed they are investigating the Neville attack allegations after being called in by Everton. A spokesman said: “We will examine the CCTV footage available.”

Ian Ross, spokesman for David Moyes’ team, said defender Joleon Lescott was also abused. He added: “Whilst we would never condone the singling out of players for vitriolic insults, it is a shame Mr Benitez chose to ignore the actions of his own club’s supporters.

“Not only was Joleon Lescott subjected to disgusting abuse, Phil Neville was seemingly spat at several times and was punched in the back by a supporter as he took a throw-in.”

A source said Neville was “hated” by Reds fans because he moved to Everton from loathed arch-rivals Man United.

The source added Lescott was subjected to “personal attacks about the scar on his forehead” – which he got after nearly being killed in a car crash when he was five.
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