Bonnie Tyler representing the UK in Eurovision

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Re: Bonnie Tyler representing the UK in Eurovision

Postby Vampire » Wed Feb 14, 2018 1:33 am

welshwhite wrote:
Vampire wrote:
welshwhite wrote:Well, Brett. The clock is ticking towards the greatest show on earth and you've not said a word about it.

Maybe the fact that you know we have the trophy safely in our hands this time is keeping you quiet.

She doesn’t sound Welsh, Rhys. Guess that means she could come from Cardiff.

:thumbl: :D

What are your chances this year, B.

I've been chatting to SuRie on facebook and she's quietly confident of winning it :salute:

Jessica Mauboy is our entrant this year though I don’t think her song has been released yet. I notice she’s 5th favourite though - probably off the back of us being the only country to have never finished outside the top ten.

BTW BobbyD brought that SuRie with him to our last barby. She said she’s blocked you on facebook because you’re a relentlessly piss taking cunt. Surprised Bobby didn’t stand up for you - have you two fallen out?
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